Using Redmine for Business Analysis part 3

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Resizeable Graphics:

The ability to include graphics such as JPG, GIF, PNG etc. inline viewable in the body text of the wiki page is very powerful.

Whilst including file attachments with links, shown at the bottom of the Redmine pages, is quite useful, the ability to show a graphic to: illustrate a point, explain a complex process relationship or to provide a visual example, is significant.

Screen shots have often been included in business requirements documents and many business analysis documents contain diagrams explaining complex relationships like product hierarchies or detailed business processes.

However the ability to show them on the Redmine wiki page in the middle of paragraphs of text explaining the graphic is very powerful and provide a range of additional viewing features at the same time.

For example it’s a simple matter to upload one graphical image, screen shot, process diagram or complex business relationship figure and do the following, using the single uploaded picture file, in the body of the wiki text:

- resize the image to provide a smaller sized picture to view in-line in the middle of the text
- provide a link to the original larger file size graphic file for downloading and printing
- provide an additional link to the image source file (e.g. PPT or MS Visio file etc.) for others to edit and reuse in their own documents
- provide an additional link to a short one pager that can be printed showing the graphic / diagram with further detailed information
- provide an additional link to an entire reference manual file (e.g. PDF or MS Word file) providing much greater detail on the subject

The above features make for a much richer and informative reading experience than your typical MS Word document.

Include Macros:

Version control:

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