Quick Decisions and Ad-hoc Reporting With DBS Analytics

DBS offers a unique industry service to clients struggling with large volumes of data.

Instead of enduring frustration with MS Excel or MS Access, clients can now engage DBS to analyse large data sets and provide reporting and analytics – without resorting to building decision support infrastructure on expensive database technology.

Using cutting-edge cloud-databases DBS is able to commence analytical exercises immediately – data loading times can be completed in hours rather than typical traditional database loading times of days or weeks, saving time and money for the client as well as reducing de-dupe processing cycles from hours per cycle to mere seconds.

Our online high-performance analytical engines eliminate the need to build traditional database tables and indices, which in turn removes the database administrative effort required for storing the data and processing summary calculations, significantly reducing the overall time commitment required to analyse, group and present reports.

Data findings and summary results are presented in standard Microsoft Excel format so that reports, charts and pivot tables can be easily generated. Loading, “crunching data” and producing customised reports can be completed, from start to finish, in days as opposed to typical timeframes of weeks or months.

DBS’s unique database cluster technology is leased from U.S. and global cloud providers, which means that infrastructure and license costs are charged as operating expenses without the need for up-front capital investment.

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