IT Consulting Services

IT Consulting Services

DBS is a unique company providing strategic and tactical IT Consulting Services to large and small Australasian businesses across a wide range of different industries.

We use clever IT to help our customers make decisions “evidence-based”┬árather than relying on “gut-feel”.

We primarily focus on providing executive decision support systems and processes for a range of corporate needs, including:

  • Short-term decision making aided using quick and powerful analytics engines allowing reporting over any size data set
  • Medium-term decision making with data warehouse and business intelligence reporting systems – either deployed on traditional architecture in your IT server farm or “in the cloud” on our global partners powerful infrastructure
  • Long-term I.T. capital planning investment decisions via our unique BOI Feasibility process
  • We also offer a range of seminars and training products to assist staff with emotional decision making and personal work-flow and productivity decisions.

In short, DBS provides a very real bridge between IT and Business, enabling our customers to make better and smarter decisions to leverage the best out of their investments within the IT&T space.

In most businesses there is a very real gap where IT&T technical knowledge ends and business strategy begins, making it difficult for you to get to where you want your business to be. DBS, we’ll help you get there!

Our main service areas are:

  1. BOI Consulting
  2. Business Intelligence & Data Warehousing
  3. Analytics
  4. Productivity Seminars