Our History

Our customer needed us to replace their existing text based database with a new graphical one. They had no fixed idea about what outcomes they wanted, other than to replace the old system with a new one that would also “talk” with a third party product that really wanted to sell in the New Zealand market place.

The issue was that their existing systems couldn’t do the job. So they felt that if they had to modify the database, to provide the functionality that they required, they might as well bring the database and their IT system into the modern age and improve the usability as well.

However, they weren’t just struggling to articulate the requirements, there was the very real fear of how to handle the “switch-over” to the new system. They couldn’t afford to take a traditional IT “big bang” approach and simply “flip the switch” on “D Day”. If there was any chance that the new system wasn’t perfect, their back-office production-line would be immediately impacted, which they couldn’t risk. They wanted the new features as soon as possible, and at the same time keep the risks to an absolute minimum.

We sold them a promise that we could rewrite their systems in a new connectable database, change the environment to a graphical one and improve their current systems and processes as well. Years later we fondly recall the celebration when we finally turned off the legacy system, having had the new system running in parallel for almost 12 months. We not only delivered on our promise, we created a software solution that was so good the customer decided to sell the application to their own clients as well, and it’s still being used to this day nearly twenty years later!

We like delivering on promises, and there’s a promise that we have made ourselves, what we call the golden rule: “Love your neighbour as yourself”. Who is our neighbour? Well we think it includes everyone; our employees, our suppliers, our next door neighbours, our customers, our shareholders, our community, our nation’s leaders, even our competitors!

You might like to ask how we practice such a promise, we would be happy to talk with you. But when all is said and done the legacy we leave behind speaks much louder than we could ever do. Feel free to ask for our references, we are proud of our history and our people.

After all there is only one thing on this planet that is of any real value: People, people, people.

Colin Saunders
Founder and Director at DataByte Software