What does DBS do?

Specifically we use clever IT to help our customers make difficult decisions, ‘evidence-based’ rather than ‘gut-feel’. If you’re stuck with difficult business decisions involving I.T., short-term or long, then we can help you.

How does DBS help?

Our Unique Selling Proposition (USP) is:¬†”We’ll help you get there.”

“We know that you are worried about delivering your project. We know the stats.
We know that it’s not just technical expertise you need.

We have proven and experienced consultants that will help you get to the end of your project and ensure you will deliver on your goals.”

Our basic product that we sell is “consultants” however in reality what we are really selling is “hope, trust and confidence” to our customers so they can complete and deliver their projects assisted by our highly experienced team.


DataByte Software was established in 1998 and provides consulting services for all the traditional life cycle phases of large scale custom enterprise software development, particularly focused on decision support systems.

Our product portfolio includes:

  • Data Warehousing & Business Intelligence consulting
  • Direct Marketing & Customer Relationship Management applications (web based and traditional server based)
  • Territory Management & Sales Reporting applications
  • Business Accounting Software (web based and traditional server based)
  • Software Development Training Videos
  • Business Opportunity and Improvement (BOI) IT capital investment support
  • Analytics (web based and traditional server based)
  • Seminars in emotional decision making and personal productivity work-flow decision making.

In 2000 we expanded to provide software development services to the Electricity industry and enhanced our portfolio to provide BI/DW consulting services at that time. Since 2004 we have provided our SDLC consulting services to the global Telecommunications industry with Prince 2 certified project management practices. We continue to provide Bespoke Enterprise Software Delivery Consulting Services to a number of industry leaders throughout New Zealand.


Our credentials include:

  • Design and Delivery Support of a world class Customer Complaints System based on ITIL compliant HP Open View Service Centre at a leading NZ Telecommunications company
  • Design and delivery of decision support systems to a number of Australasian corporates
  • BI/DW consulting to a number of Australasian and UK Telecommunications companies
  • Delivery of a wide range of software solutions and I.T. consulting services to the following industries:
  • Telecommunications
  • Finance
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Utilities
  • Retail
  • Health
  • Education
  • Corrections

Companies we have worked with include:

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